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    Ultimate Extreme HD Edition

    £24.99 - £19.99

    Ultimate Extreme HD Edition is the Ultimate’s big brother designed for use in professional studios with access to high-resolution LCD monitors.


    The Ultimate Extreme HD Edition has the same functionality as the standard Ultimate, however all switchable panels are now accessible from a single user interface*.


    The standard version of the Ultimate synthesizer is also provided free of charge when purchasing the Extreme HD Edition.


    If you're looking for huge leads, pads, strings and basses then you must check out the Ultimate. The Ultimate covers many genres of sounds which include pop, rock, electronica, dance and trance. Unique features include the Ultimate Oscillator which has a total of 16 fully programmable oscillators. All the oscillators can have their own individual settings which include Waveform, Level and Pan. All 16 oscillators on the Ultimate Oscillator can also be detuned and stereo spread from a single control which makes programming oscillator stacked sounds a breeze. The Ultimate features four thirty-two step Sequencers, an Arpeggiator and Multi-Effects which include Tone Control, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Sweep Filter and Limiter with Drive.


    *Note: A minimum display resolution of 1920x1200 is required to display the Ultimate Extreme HD Edition fully on screen.

    Technical Specifications

    2 Oscillators (Total of 28 Oscillators played simultaneously)
    Osc 1 Waveforms: Ultimate Osc, Tri Sync Osc, Noise, Morph Osc, Square, Saw, Triangle, SF2 Exp
    Osc 2 Waveforms: Square, Saw, Triangle, Noise, Perc
    Ultimate Osc Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Soft Ramp, Peak Ramp, Square, Triangle, Peak, Octava, Cluster1, Cluster2, Noise
    Morph Osc Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Soft Ramp, Peak Ramp, Square, Triangle, Peak, Octava, Cluster1, Cluster2
    Osc 1 Controls: Waveform, Gate Sync, On, Ultimate Osc Detune, Ultimate Osc Stretch, Tri Sync Slide Speed, Tri Sync Mode, Noise Cutoff, Noise Resonance, Morph, Morph Beat, Square Pulse Width, Square PWM Depth, Saw Shape, Saw LFO 1 Depth, Triangle Shape, Triangle LFO 1 Depth, SF2 Exp Level, SF2 Exp Spread
    Osc 2 Controls: Ring, On, Gate Sync, Sync, Waveform, Range, Fine/Wide, Square Pulse Width, Square PWM Depth, Saw Level, Saw Harmonics, Triangle Level, Triangle Harmonics, Noise Cutoff, Noise Resonance, Perc Level, Perc Decay
    Ultimate Osc Controls: Pan Mod On, Master Level, Phase/PW, Stereo Spread, Analogue Drift Rate, Analogue Drift Depth
    Ultimate Osc Mixer Controls: Waveform, Harmonics, Semi Tune, Fine Tune, Phase/PW, Pan, Level
    Ultimate Osc Mod Edit Controls: Tune Depth, PW Depth, Pan Depth, LVL Depth, Waveform, Key Sync, Rate/Beat
    Morph Osc Edit Controls: Waveform, Harmonics, Morph/Beat, Stage


    Osc Common
    Osc Shift: -2 +2 Octaves
    LFO 1 & Env Destinations: Osc 1+2, Osc 2, X-Mod, Tri Sync, Tri Sync + Osc 2
    Controls: -Oct +Oct, LFO 1 & Env Destination, Osc Balance, X-Mod Depth, LFO 1 Depth


    Resonant Filter: 12dB, 24dB
    Filter Types: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass
    Controls: Cutoff Frequency, Resonance, 12dB/24dB, Type, Key Follow, LFO 1 Depth


    Controls: Pan, LFO 1 Depth, Level


    3 Envelopes with Time Scale and Output Contour function
    Contour Types (Curve): 13
    Pitch Envelope Controls: Attack, Decay, Curve, Time Scale
    Filter Envelope Controls: Depth, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Curve, Time Scale
    Amp Envelope Controls: Attack, Decay Sustain, Release, Curve, Time Scale


    Low Frequency Oscillators
    2 LFO's (Low Frequency Oscillators)
    LFO 1 Waveforms: Triangle, Saw, Square, Sample and Hold
    Modulation (LFO 2) Waveforms: Triangle
    Beat Ratios: 33
    LFO 1 Controls: Waveform, Rate/Beat, Fade, Key Sync, Beat Sync
    Modulation (LFO 2) Controls: Depth Select, Rate/Beat, Depth, Key Sync, Beat Sync


    Classic + Phrase Arpeggiator
    Modes: Up/Forward, Down/Back, Alt1, Alt2, Alt3, Alt4
    Range: 1-4 Octaves
    Beat Ratios: 18
    Controls: On, Tempo/Beat, Phrase On/Off, Chord On/Off, Hold, Mode, Range, Tempo, Gate


    32 Step Sequence x4 (Modulation x3, Gate)
    Directions: Forward and Reverse
    Beat Ratios: 18 (Independent beat resolution for each sequence)
    Sequence 1 Destinations: Pitch 1, Cutoff, Amp, Pan, Morph
    Sequence 2 Destinations: Pitch 2, Cutoff, Amp, Pulse Width, X-Mod
    Sequence 3 Destinations: Pitch 1+2, Cutoff, Amp, Ult Stereo, Tri Sync
    Sequence 4 Destinations: Cutoff, Amp, LFO 1 Rate, LFO 2 Rate
    Sequence 1 Controls: On, Key On, Reverse, Beat, Smooth, Pitch 1, Cutoff, Amp, Pan, Morph
    Sequence 2 Controls: On, Key On, Reverse, Beat, Smooth, Pitch 2, Cutoff, Amp, Pulse Width, X-Mod
    Sequence 3 Controls: On, Key On, Reverse, Beat, Smooth, Pitch 1+2, Cutoff, Amp, Ult Stereo, Tri Sync
    Sequence 4 Controls: On, Key On, Reverse, Beat, Smooth, Calibration, Cutoff, Amp, LFO 1 Rate, LFO 2 Rate


    Effect Types: Tone Control, Chorus, Phaser, Delay (Stereo, Cross, L/R), Sweep Filter, Limiter with Drive
    Tone Controls: Bass, Treble
    Chorus Controls: Rate, Depth, Wave, FBK Mode, On, Pan, Phase, Mod Depth, Level, Pre-Delay, Feedback
    Phaser Controls: Rate, Depth, Wave, LFO (Internal/External), Stages, Key Sync, On, Stereo Diff, Freq Min, Freq Max, LFO 1 Depth, LFO 2 Depth, Feedback
    Delay Controls: Time/Beat, Feedback, Level, Type, On, Beat Sync, LPF Feedback
    Sweep Filter Controls: Wave, Beat Sync, On, Key Sync, Cutoff Freq, LFO Depth, Rate/Beat
    Limiter Controls: Bypass, Threshold, Drive, Squash


    Other Features
    Integrated Patch Browser for loading and saving of FXP and FXB files
    20 note polyphonic operation
    SF2 Wavetable Expansion Oscillator
    Main volume control
    Mono/Polyphonic control
    Portamento control
    Midi CC control with learn capability
    FREE Trance SF2 Expansion containing 30 plus multi-sampled waveforms
    384 high quality presets


    System Requirements

    Operating System: Windows 7 or newer

    Processor: 2 GHz+ recommended

    Display: 1920 × 1200 or larger / 24 bit colour depth

    Audio Demos

    Video Audio Demos

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    All SuperWave products are fully operational for 21 days from the date of installation.

    After this time period, audio output will be inaudible.


    Ultimate HD is for Windows only, NOT for Mac!

    Ultimate HD v1.5 (x86)

    Ultimate HD v1.5 (x64)

  • Sound Patches

    All sound patches are supplied in FXP/FXB file format.

    For information on how to import FXP/FXB files, refer to your VST Host application manual.

    Ultimate Factory Patches

    Ultimate Trance Patches

    Ultimate Trance Alternative Patches

    Ultimate Trance Full Demo Track Patches

    Ultimate Trance SF2 Expansion (564 MB)

    Ultimate Vintage Synth Patches

    Ultimate Default Patches

    Ultimate Initialize Bank

    Ultimate Alter Boy Sounds Equator LE Sound Bank

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